Bradlee Cheeba Cheats on Wife!!! Member Kauai Police Commission part 1, 2

Making your bed, so you can lay in it?
June 9, 2010 ” Well hopefully we can get to know each other so this golf date can become a reality.”
The conversation continues. 7-2-10 “I don’t mean to sound like a perv but that ‘no more sun for me’ picture is the sexiest picture I have ever seen.” (sweetest guy ever?)
4-12-11 An attempt is made to introduce himself to me at Kauai County Courthouse but was too “shame.” Continues to contact me through Facebook to wish me well and set up a time and place to meet. 10-1-11 Walmart 7am. While behind Mr. Cheeba in the garden section the cashier is telling Bradlee a joke. Both laugh and he proceeds to look behind himself at me. I paid and walked to my car completely unaware that I’m being watched and followed by Bradlee Cheeba as I leave Walmart and head southbound.
“I wished that you would’ve gone to Starbucks so that he could introduce myself. I mean, I waited in my truck for so long for you to come out of Walmart. I had to follow you.”
I did not make any stops rather, I went to my destination and Bradlee had ceases to follow me minutes earlier anyway. He searched Facebook for my number and txt’d. He asked if I had been in Walmart and for what reason so early. He said he wished he had the balls to have said hello. He asked if I’d like to go fishing sometime to which I obliged. (Within days) After setting up the location of our fishing trip Bradlee tried to cancel. I’m sure he was nervous about blatantly cheating on his wife again. Then he suggested polihale. We met at 3pm on Sunday at the county building where I left my car to ride with him. He seemed fine enough. I knew I wasn’t attracted at all but I wanted to see if I could handle this stranger. I didn’t want to ask but I had a feeling. “Do you have any children? You’re not maHrried, right?” I asked.  He replied, “well actually it’s not really what you think, I have a 15 month old boy (long pause)  technically I’m married but I’m not really. We’re getting a divorce. She’s off island now anyway. Haven’t slept in the same bed for longer than I can remember. We’re roommates. I haven’t had sex with her since she got pregnant. So you know, right? You know what I mean?” Floored, I took it all in and let him talk. Too afraid to ask to leave though less than 8 miles away, I tried my best to forget and I did. We talked about everything from friends to sex and back again. I enjoyed his company. After leaving the state park at 9:30pm, dropping me off at my car with a kiss on the cheek, Bradlee left to celebrate his winnings with his friends until the early hours of the next morning. Proud of himself. Next day he drives to kapaa to place a large jamba juice and every type of skittles in the store on my car with a note. “I hope you enjoyed your massage. This should top it off.” We saw each other every day for over a week. No kissing. Nothing physical. “Listen to ‘just a kiss’ By LA. Reminds me of you.” He told me. Charmed. Saturday that week he took me fishing and it rained so he leaned in and kissed me. Lightly and then deeply. Passionate. Ravenous like an animal but gentle. I didn’t know what to do so I returned the kiss and politely said thank you. He continued. His birthday came and he asked me several times to go to Richies to celebrate. I finally obliged. I tried to give him a lap dance. I tried to loosen up. He asked me to follow him to his office down the road. If been there a few times during business hours per his request. He started to kiss me and it was passionate. I was a bit drunk and I wanted to turn him on. I took off his sweater and and put my hands under his shirt and lightly touched his chest. He pulled me in and whispered to me. He breathed deeply in my ear and kissed my neck like he was hungry. “oh baby, you’re so beautiful. And your legs. God, you’ve got the most amazing long sexy legs!” I kissed his neck and I whispered a breathy “thank you” in his ear. We teased each other a little and felt each other’s bodies. We kissed. He undressed me and marveled.I took off his shorts and weaved my hand down. I grabbed and stroked his hard penis and got on my knees. His shorts weren’t even to the ground and he was almost cumming. We were naked in a dimly lit room. Alone. He laid me down and fucked me. I had just had a few surgeries. I was thin and wan. Though as weak as I felt I fucked him back. After a few seconds I panicked. “he’s married! No no no no no! I can’t do this! I can’t! My heart! I can’t!” I thought.  I quickly pushed him away with tears in my eyes and cried, “I can’t do this. I can’t. I’m sorry.” he was confused. “what’s wrong” he touched me “are you ok? Did I hurt you? Where’s your stomache scar? Are you ok?” through sniffles and soft sobs I said, “I’m ok. No, I’m fine. Really. I’m sorry. It’s just, I don’t know. I’m sorry. I feel so bad. Umm, it’s not you. I just, just. Hold on. Just give me a second.” I was fumbling. I was so confused. How can I exit gracefully and without burning bridges? What? How? What on earth? Why am I here? I concluded that it’s not right to not let a guy finish. It’s rude and I better just be a good girl and please the birthday boy commissioner. I said, “sit down. Let me finish you.” confused, he obliged and sat on his office chair. “I’m going to please you Bradlee. Just sit back and you can cum in my mouth.” I smiled sardonically as he looked at me with his jaw to his balls. “really, whenever you’re ready I’ll swallow.” I began to stroke him and suck his penis slowly as the tears came again. I grabbed and put pressure. I squeezed and sucked hard. He moaned as I massed his thighs and he felt me everywhere. He sucked on my breasts and fingered me until I started sucking again to end it. I sucked and licked. Deep throat and tip sucking. I told him how delicious he was. How big and hard he is. I made sure he felt like a king. He couldn’t contain himself as he moaned “Oh god, god. Fuck you’re amazing! God!” he lost in. In my mouth. So I swallowed. Like I said I would and I smiled sweetly. “Wow!….wow!” he was pleased. “you’re amazing. Come here.” I said,”how can I clean you up? Is there a bathroom?” “I’m fine. Do you have to leave?” he asked. I said I did soon and got dressed and asked “Did you like it Bradlee?” “Are you kidding!? I loved it. You’re amazing. I’ve never felt that before. Yes! I loved it! Thank you!” “Good” I smiled “I don’t want to keep you though, I know you’re busy but happy birthday Bradlee!” He dressed and we left as I cried. I desperately wanted to tell him I couldn’t do this. Im not like this, I thought.. I really like him but can’t we just be friends? But i didnt. Say a word. He saw my tears when he said goodnight under the street lamp. We got in our cars and drove away. He took my dignity. I knew I had to get it back somehow. Crushed, I cried myself home.
At 3:00am I drove home and Bradlee went home to sleep with his wife and be with his family.
To be continued.
For the next two weeks Bradlee didn’t call or text. I gave him what he’d wanted. Slam! Bam! Thank you ma’am! He simply disappeared after he adamantly promised that he would never do that. “I’m not a prick. I don’t just leave people hanging. That’s not who I am. I would never do that to youEspecially not you.” He promised. I needed to resurrect myself from the dead, used, hurt, pathetic, little girl that I’d become. I called and asked him to please let me get back what I’d lost. He was too busy but I didn’t get the hint. Weeks later I met Bradlee at his rented Banyan Harbor room. We spoke about him being a “bookie” and reminded me of what he’d told me the first day we met. He spoke about not only banking at his father’s bank to assure that his father, the bank manager, wouldn’t be aware of just how much money he had and where it came from. He informed me he’s part of an underground gambling ring. Being a bookie sounded exciting. It was illegal so I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone.

He led me up to the main bedroom holding my hand. It was supposed to be simple sex but it wasn’t. When it was over I left.

1/4/12 After making me wait for over two hours Bradlee came to see me after work. I rented a room at Kauai Beach Resort. I displayed my massage oils and lotions, all the necessary towels and some pleasant music. I had on my pajamas; some see through yoga shorts. My perky nipples showed through my sheer light blouse. I had smooth, silky skin and I smelled like heaven. He finally showed up although it was well after 11pm. I surprised him with a massage. I took off his clothes and laid him on the large soft bed. “No one has ever done anything like this for me. Wow! Thank you.” I rubbed every inch of him. Slowly and lovingly I made him feel like he’s never felt before. Respected, wanted, cared for, deeply. He was in shock. I wanted to serve him. I wanted to make him happy inside and out. I wanted him to want to stay. He did. I turned him over to start massaging his chest and used more oils. He watched me closely and with all the affection in the world I massaged every inch of him. I gave him every piece of me and when he couldn’t resist anymore he took me into his arms and kissed me passionately. He kissed every inch of my legs and told me how amazing I am to him. He spoke of my beauty and his desires. He spoke softly and tenderly to me. He told me that he could see his favorite part of my lower body while I massaged him and that seeing that place so close to my pussy was beautiful and he had to have me. He lightly licked my nipples and then put his fingers inside of me. He ravenously dug his hands into my hair, my arms, my body. He touched and taste every inch of me but I was too afraid to let him in so closely. Too afraid to let him go down on me so I went down on him and we fucked slowly. He couldn’t seem to get enough of my mouth and kissing my neck, my breasts and legs. He seemed lonely and hurt. The affection seemed to save him from himself. He needed it. He wanted it. We passionately explored each other and then began to fuck like rabbits. Fast, hard, deep. Squeezing and tugging, rubbing, scratching. Gentle, hard. Moaning in ecstasy we basked in the glory of the moment. I felt how hard and deep he was inside of me and all I could say was “oh my god Bradlee, don’t stop! Please don’t stop?” He bit my ear and whispered, “I never want to stop baby. I love being with you. Everything about you. You feel so amazing baby. I just want to taste you.” We continued as I moaned his name and we licked and kissed each other. It was hot and heavy, shocking and delicious. His hard dick was inside of me, back and forth. I got on him and rode him. I looked at him and saw his glazed over eyes looking back at me. All of me. We fucked in every position at least once. Me on top, him on top, doggy style, sideways, etc. we didn’t want to stop. We held each other and as I felt his body he looked into my eyes again and climaxed inside of me. We silently lay in bed for a minute catching our breath. I got up and dressed myself making sure that I was up first. I told him I had a gift for him and reached in my clutch and pulled out a $200 gift card for him to get a few massages at a high end spa. He was floored. After promising he’d be back for lunch the next day he kissed me goodnite for a few minutes and left. He didn’t come back. 1/13/12 Bradlee and I met at Dukes barefoot bar. Earlier he told me one of his fantasies. He would go to Duke’s and sit at the bar. After a few minutes I was to walk in and sit away from him and act as though I’d never met him. He’d buy me drinks and after a while I’d approach and introduce myself. We’d hook up and walk out together at the end of the night. So that’s what happened except I left when Dukes closed to go up to my hotel room at the Marriott. That week one of my doctors suggested I try smoking weed to help my condition and although I’d never smoked before Bradlee said he’d smoke with me so I felt more comfortable. I waited for about an hour and thirty minutes in my hotel room until he finally came. I was very nervous so he showed me how by taking the first few drags. I caught on and stepped outside to smoke. We both got high and got extremely intimate again. It was magic. Sex, drugs, rock and roll. Delicious. I had a cock to suck on and lay there and take it from. He had a body he couldn’t resist to touch and caress. He was desperate. He ravaged me like an animal and we basqued in the intimacy and lust. We fucked in the shower. We took a bath. He washed my back, I washed his. It was more than I’d ever expected. He wanted me. We both fell asleep after eating some snacks laughing and holding each other. I realized it was 4:30am and woke him up. He left and I went to sleep. He brought his 18month old sweet boy over the next morning but didn’t bring the breakfast he’d promised. We took advantage of each other on the chair,, couch, bed, hallway, bathroom. He held my face, looked in my eyes and told me I was ‘…the definition of beauty…’ and kissed me deeply. His son was tugging on my toes and we stopped as I laughed. It wasn’t right to let such an impressionable young child see his father doing this so I tried to only let Bradlee continue while his son was away playing on his own.

From then on things started to change between us.

Bradlee went home to his family. I wonder if he then slept with his wife and had sex with two women in the same day. How disgusting. I hope I was first.
To be continued…

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